Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Christmas..

Just got it today! Taken by Gilbert last Christmas. <3 it!

tik tok

wished it was ze weekend again.

man........................................ another 5.5 more days to ze weekend again.

have a great working week everybuddy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

With Love

In actual fact, this was my first unofficial photoshoot taken way back in October. Never got around to post this pics up cause I was too lazy to do the editing and secondly I think the pictures I took are not up to par and seriously it's so embarassing to even post it up. Anyho, here's some that I think isn't that bad ;)

Models are Louise and her boyfie, taken in Tg Aru :) *click on picture to enlarge.

Let me know which is your favourite!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Room eleven

Here goes the first post for the year 2010 and the first post for my blog! Didn't like the layout and the name for my old blogspot after a while and decided to do a switch :) I hope this one stays a while!

Made blueberry chocolate chip pancake today and I think it turns out fantastic! Its not self praising at all okay! But its really really good and Im so proud of myself :) :) :) *gleams

Went to the Lok Kawi Zoo yesterday and it was good fun except I felt sick at the end and all I wanted was to get home as soon as possible that I accidentally left my phone and my purse in the coach.Bummer! Thank God the driver found it and i'll get it back soon tomorrow hopefully. Been living without my phone for a day now and I felt quite disconnected from the world already! Not that I am always on the phone but I just got used to having a phone around and now that its not with me it feels quite empty.

Here's us waiting for the animal show which was cancelled at the end :(

Here's Mr. Tiggger! Twas so hard to get a good picture of him as he is always hiding in one corner and keeps moving! At the end we manage to get his attention to stop pause and glance at us all by us constantly waving our red umbrella woohooing at him which literally piss him off i guess hahaha.

And here's Mr. Sunny Bear trying to do a split! ahahahaha he's super kiut omg feel like hugging him already. There's another bear there which was super cute too and he was running back and forth like how hamsters always do for a good ol 5 mins! and halfway through he was already panting and breathing heavily and he still didn't stop lol. I secretly thinks that maybe he is trying to lose some weight ;)

Going to bed now. Have a good weekend you and me.

Thought of the day : - Sometimes the harder you try, the worse it gets don't you think? If you get what I mean..

good nite guys ")